Whether through film, dance, body work, or whatever medium may be readily available to her, Elana strives to find beauty from the moments otherwise known as "in between". She revels in the details of the human condition and will do anything to highlight them. Elana has always been interested in “the goo” that separates our inner and outer lives - and ponders through her artistic work what it would take to make those lives one. A native of the Boston area, Elana Jacobs graduated with a BS Cum Laude in Dance and exercise science from Skidmore College in 2010.

Jacobs is the cofounder and artistic director of performance company CabinFever, a performance company that produces original multi-media, site-specific performance artworks inspired by and performed inside people’s homes and historical spaces.  With CabinFever, she has also created many original performances in architectural landmarks and institutions, most notably a well-received run of performances at The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (Respire - 2017), Soho House Chicago (Ghosts of the White City 2016), Town Hall Seattle (Be by Me - 2015),  and Hyde Park Art Center (More Than A Trace - 2018). Jacobs brought all of her talents together when she directed, filmed, and choreographed the music video for band MeanLady’s original song “Darling”.  She has created works as an Artist in Residence in Barcelona, Spain (Can Serrat - 2018), Crete Greece (Mudhouse Artist Residency - 2018), Seattle (Town Hall - 2015), and Chicago (Florsheim Mansion - 2015 and Columbia College - 2019).  She was featured on CityArts Magazine’s Future List 2015.

 Other notable accomplishments include creating a new body-mind workshop entitled Art & Core. As a way to encourage both a creative practice with a physical practice, she has won the hearts of studios since she launched the series in December 2017.  Already, she has facilitated the workshop at Outerspace Studios (Chicago), Yo:U (Chicago), Soho House (Chicago), The Martin (Chicago), Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago), Atlas Pilates (Chicago), and True Pilates Boston (Boston). Certified in Romana’s Pilates as a classically trained instructor, Elana Jacobs regularly teaches Classical Pilates in studios.